Via Sancta Vinoř

Via Sancta Vinoř is ideal housing for those who need to live near the center of Prague but want to enjoy peace and quiet without the constant hustle and bustle that is inherently connected with life in the city center or housing complexes.

Project description

This residential project combines the tranquility and beauty of nature with the use of modern and environment-friendly technologies: housing with extremely low energy costs thanks to low-consumption technologies, the ever-present greenery surrounding the houses and in the near vicinity, innovative management of surface water that will considerably reduce the consumption of water for the irrigation of outdoor areas, and ingenious underground parking.

Stage 1:

Total number: 6 apartment houses

Number of parking spaces: 110 spaces in underground parking lot A

Stage 2:

Total number: 8 apartment houses

Number of parking spaces: 308 spaces in underground parking lot B


Via Sancta Vinoř, a blue-green island near the center of Prague, is a well-accessible "paradise" with forests, lakes, parks, crags, romantic gorges and other natural beauties just a step away from your apartment or house. You will also find all the civic amenities you need here, a wide range of shops, schools, kindergartens, doctors and sports and leisure centers.

Tennis courts, an ice rink, a newly built golf course and an outdoor pool will also be within walking distance of your home. The Via Sancta Vinoř residential project also includes an outdoor gym and a children's playground. It offers beautiful and comfortable living, especially for families with children, surrounded by nature and close to the center of Prague.

Architectural solution

Small apartment buildings and apartment block were designed for this area. The maximum height of the buildings are 3 floors above ground. There are two major types of buildings in this project.

The entry street from Bohdanečská is in a direct contact with already existing villas. For this part of the area, it was decided that the buildings will be indented with receding terraces of rooftop apartments which resemble terraced houses. The fact that buildings are indented makes the whole area look like place for families.

The second part of the area take the existing residential buildings more into account. Residential houses are larger, simpler in geometry that gently plays with optical illusions of the human eye. The basic idea of the expression of the house remains the same. The symbol of the gallery of souls penetrates through the whole project. The final expression of scattered stones in nature should highlight the impression of a residential garden.

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