Ctěnický háj

Beautiful and comfortable living can be also in harmony with nature, as well as environmental-friendly and economical. If you’re looking for a place for yourself and your family in a beautiful, but not a remote place, which is peaceful, in nature and, at the same time, close to the city and all public facilities, you have just found it.

Project description

We build a beautiful and comfortable housing for you in harmony with  nature; a home for you and your family. The site is located in a quiet  but not very remote area which is both in nature and near the city  centre as well. The houses are designed and built in accordance with the  principles of sustainable development; they are economical in using  energy and rainwater. And thanks to smart housing system, you can easily  control the operation of your house even remotely.

35 houser

16 flats in residential house


Project Ctěnický háj can be found on the north-east periphery of Prague. Just a few steps from the complex, there is a beautiful forest park which was originally a part of the complex of Ctěnice Chateau. The place and its surroundings offers many possibilities for sports enthusiasts and many options for various trips. In the immediate vicinity, there are kindergartens and schools, shops, a post office and a restaurant. A peaceful locality in the centre of nature, near to everything you need for your life: that is what project Ctěnický háj means.

Architectural solution

The basic concept when thinking about interiors of the individual  buildings was the idea of coherence in character of the whole project.  And this means not only the interior equipment itself, but a  comprehensively designed exterior of the whole residential complex. The  introduced harmony of used exterior materials is reflected in individual  elements for furnishing of houses and flats. The overall impression of  the project carries itself in the spirit of harmony with the landscape.  From the urban concept, all the way to the selection of materials, the  project strives to blend in with the surrounding landscape which plays a  very important role in the project.

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