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The Atlantis Development company was founded with a clear vision. We want to design residential projects that will provide the highest quality of living to people along with ecological and sustainable approach towards the handling of energy and water sources. Our projects are intended for all who would like to live their life on interesting localities where the connection of nature with modern technologies and infrastructure – transportation, communication and energetic as well – work naturally.

The basis of our work is responsibility towards what we do, responsibility for the environment and quality of life of future generations who will come after us. To the maximum level as possible, our projects work on principles of sustainable development, on connection of the traditional and modern, even in relation to interpersonal bonds. That’s why the projects that we design are executed also with respect to a possible multi-generational life together and sustainability even after our work is done and we hand over everything into the hands of the new owners.

The quality of executed projects is on the first place for us, that’s the reason why we always collaborate with leading experts in all the fields that trench on our residential projects, whether these are experts in passive, ecological housing, energy savings, water sources management, but of course we also collaborate with architects and designers. Modern technologies and innovations are synonymous with improvement for us and with increase in quality of life and in comfort of people that are living or that will be living in the projects we’ve designed and executed. We are aware that compromises are important in life. We also know when we definitely don’t want to make any and when we’ll never make them: when it comes to the responsibility for what we do.

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